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"First off, the car leans less in turns than before with the old standard shocks."

"It is not a rough and bumpy ride at all. My friends mention that the car rides really smoothly."

The only way that new shocks can allow the car to corner with less lean is if they increase the spring rate. If they increase the spring rate they will also increase the stiffness and height of the ride. This would be expected with hp gas-charged shocks such as Bilsteins, if the old ones were in need of replacement.

Replacing comfort shocks with HD shocks designed not to change ride height will not make the car corner with less lean, however. While the ride may appear smoother, and transitions more controlled, such a switch does not affect spring rates nor center-of-gravity change. A sway bar transfers spring rate from the inside to the outside in a turn, and thus will reduce lean.

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