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Originally Posted by C.Doner View Post
This week. I ordered a 717.420 service manual from I looked at part list and verified the 717.420 from the gwagon has the internals of the 717.400. there are many different versions of the 4 and 5 speed gearbox. 717.411 is completely different. there are similarities, but i'm sure specs and tolerances are not the same all parts are different. same with 4 and 5 speeds almost all parts are different. There is pretty much nothing interchangeable on different model gearboxes.

any chance you know about the rear plate of the 717.422 and the 717.400.

the 717.422 doesn't have the port for the speedometer on the rear of the gearbox...

I'm putting one of these into my w123 sedan. Just wondering if it's just drill out the blank... or are the castings completely different and i'm out of luck...
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