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I recently needed 205-70-14" tires for my SL. Virtually impossible to buy the "H" speed rating tires that car is supposed to have. Had to compromise and get "T" rated tires (Toyo). As I recall, same is true of W123.

No problem with Hankook or Uniroyal Tiger Paw or Kumho's or Toyo that I have on our cars.

ADDED: Kumhos are on 300D. Done about 25k miles over about 9 years. Tread still good, but may change them next Spring just because they are getting old. Sometimes they take a set if car has been sitting for a while in colder weather. Don't know how to judge "grip" that OM below talks about, but I drive these all season tires summer and winter and haven't noticed anything bad. Maybe I need to drive faster
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