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Originally Posted by floatingboy View Post
Yep, this is the part I have figured out. Actually the holes along the unibody frame rail are there already. Good old MB plans for all possibilities!

What I can't tell yet is how the bumper skin fits over the hitch because with its stock reinforcement bar in place it doesn't seem to fit, unless I'm missing something.
obviously it wont. the hitch is now the reinforcement bar structure.

what ever brackets came to mount the bumper with this hitch were probably C shaped like on the ends of the front euro reinforcing square under tubing. I haven't see what that looks like.
Forum Member Delibes installed this same bar on his first wagon-so perhaps he can shed some light, my guess its just c shaped end brackets that bolt up to the bumper under the rubber trim~ and maybe had a flat piece of steel strap going across that would clear the hitch bar.
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