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Hello all,

I searched the board and have found some info on checking the clutch fan and general issues regarding cooling. I have a 1992 400e and now that summer has come around, I have found that the temp rises quite close to the 120 mark during traffic. When I speed up, the temp still is arond 110 C. The only way I have found to get it lower is by turning ON the heater, in a matter of seconds, the temp will drop 10 degrees!!!

I have checked the clutch fan and found that it will spin freely no matter what temp it is under the hood. Even when I pull into my garage after driving in traffic and the temp gauge is around 115, I pop the hood and I can spin the fan freely. I don't know if there is a magnetic switch on the 400e that controlls the fan or not.

Anyone know if there is some type of temp switch that activates when the clutch fan is engaged?

The two aux fans are working, and they come on around 100 degrees.

I just had the cooling flushed and replaced with 50/50 mix of coolant.

If this is a thermostat issue, where is it housed. I removed the housing on the top where the radiator hose connects, but there was no thermostat there.... did I look in the wrong place?

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