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You're going to have to pull off a front wheel and take a close look at the caliper. I was surprised to find Bendix calipers on my car (after ordering ATE parts of course ).

I can tell you if its Bendix that the word "Bendix" is pretty hard to make out. However, Bendix has a logo that looks like a thick tilde character.

Like this: ~

Don't know anything about what "60" means.

What I really need is someone to tell me about how to press on those "foil-thin" heat shields onto the piston without mangling them. I rebuilt a back caliper and could not get the heat shield to press onto the piston, so I had to do without. Soon the fronts will need rebuilding and I'd be happy to get some tips on this portion of the job. (reference 1982 300D)

Later model heat shields (like the 1987 300D) just snap into place with clips. That's easy.

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