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In normal conditions, I as well, have not seen my 16v oil pressure go down from the 3 position. Day or night, hot or cold, cruising in the highway, or in stop-and-go traffic the pointer remains up there. The only time it goes down is when I turn the engine off.

So for your 16v to behave this way in definitely peculiar. The previous comment on the sender could be considered but personally I think it could be an oil cooler or the oil cooler thermostat problem since the symptom occurs only when the engine warms up. In other words, it presents itself like a normal regular 190E with no oil cooler.

I would check the oil cooler and oil cooler lines for any kind of obstruction. I think your local Radiator shop can service it for you if needed. I would also check the oil cooler thermostat and the filter by-pass valve in the oil filter housing for any problem. The oil filter housing is a real pain-in-the-......... to remove so might as well do everything needed. Be carefull not to strip the oil cooler threads when you take the lines out. You can very easily damage this aluminum part which would cost a lot of $$$ to replace. The by-pass valve and the thermostat are very inexpensive.

Good Luck

1986 190E 2.3-16
1986 190E 2.3-16
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