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Read alot about gauges and how to use them....
Ambient temp: 74
(remember I haven't done this before)

Attached the connectors with the quick connect system( idiot proof way of connecting the right hose to the right area)
Both pressures are down: low:10 HIgh :80
Upon starting the car, the pressures went up to Low:20 HIgh: 100
With that, I attached the 134A bottle and punctured it. Started to open the low side then suddenly the gauges came alive!!!!

After one 8oz can, the gauges read: low: 30 high: 225 , the fans cycled as the pressure goes up to 250 on the high. cold, not cool air blows out the vents--- GREAT! After I turned the engine off, I went around, below, inside the car with DETEK sniffer set on high sesitivity.....nothing........
be happy or be worried? Any thoughts?

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