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Hehe, just to add a little humor here, I wanted to let you all know that on my return trip to Cleveland today from Cincinnati, I ran 201 miles in 2 hours and 10 minutes, shattering my previous record of 2.26 (which was done in my 380SE). Mind you, this record breaking feat was done in my W116 '80 300SD. I kept her buried all the time (unless a truck slowed us down) and the tach saw 4,700rpm quite frequently and I don't think the speedometer needle left the "pegged" mark but maybe twice! What a great day! Barely any traffic and not one cop! Woohoo!! Not very often I get a chance to REALLY open her up like that. Anyhow, immediately before we got on the freeway, I filled up my tank (holds 21.3 gallons) and upon arrival in Cleveland, my reserve light was on! Usually, with somewhat "normal" driving, when I get home to Cleveland, the needle will be at the halfway point with around 209 miles covered, this time it was almost empty with 201 miles covered! I was just getting a laugh out of that, imagining how this one trip cost me $24.50 whereas that same amount of money usually takes me there and back! BTW, I am not leaking any fuel. She was just thirsty today! Moral of the story, all you diesel owners, get 'em out there and let them loose! This trip made me realize why I love Mercedes once again...What other car could one possibly thrash for 200+ miles straight and still have it perform beautifully over and over again? Ahh, diesels.

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