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W140 S500 overheat, lost coolant

Whilst driving to work Friday morning, my low coolant light came on. I wasn't too concerned, figured I'd look at it after I got home.....

I left early for my chemo appt and saw a nice puddle under the front of the car. Figured I'd keep a close eye on the temp gage. Got about 2/3 of the way when the temp ran into the red zone. Pulled into a convenience store and bought a flat of bottled water. That got me to the docs. After chemo I refilled the bottles, then poured the water into the radiator. That got me home.

Since there was no smell from the vents, I assumed the heater core was sound.

An examination of the radiator and engine compartment revealed coolant under the master cylinder.

To see further, I needed to remove the cowling and the wiper assy.

Still could not identify a leak in any of the Medusas hair nest around the booster and master cylinder. I noticed that the heater return line was getting hot and that I was getting water leakage under the car.

Turns out the wiper deicer had sprung a leak, and was leaking behind the firewall into the cavity that contains the m/c.

Tied off the hoses and all is well.

BTW, the W126 chassis has this "feature" as well.

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