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Well, Ken, I have to say that I've done this a number of times on many different vehicles w/o any ill effects. (including both of my 300e's, the bimmer and a couple of Jeep Cherokee's that I've owned. I realize that the battery acts as a capacitor to absorb alternator output fluctuations, but, in most cases, if the alternator is charging with no load other than a partially or fully discharged battery and maintaining at least 12 volts, there should be no inductive "spikes" generated by disconnecting the battery, especially if the alternator is not producing the minimum threshold voltage necessary to get the regulator to clamp it's output. This is not a recommended servie procedure, but it does work. When you jump start a dead or nearly dead battery, you are essentially doing the same thing. If you have a good alternator and regulator, it will clamp output voltage to avoid self destruction as it wi6ll see the dead battery as a huge load once you remove the helper from the circuit. It's the alternator that keeps things humming when your battery is dead.

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