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Originally Posted by DeliveryValve View Post
Here is a picture of two Siemens Evaporators. They both have the 123 830 14 58 part number on them.

Interesting though, my original Siemens Evaporator is made of copper tubing, aluminum cooling fins and galvanized metal ends. I replaced it because of the fins had deteriorated from all the leaves and garbage sucked into the system plus condensation water mixed in.

The other evaporator I have is all aluminum, except for the input and output tubings. Between the two, there is a significant weight difference by feel.

I don't recall what version I installed in my car.

One end of the Evaporators.

The 2 evaporators in the pic are both Siemens? P/n of the unit on the right is legible but I can't make out the p/n of the unit on the left, can you? They both have the same p/n?

I believe an all aluminum evaporator of the same size and shape is more efficient than a copper/ aluminum one.
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