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Well I decided to go for the Celeron Machine....

This is the final machine I ordered.

Dell Inspiron 1100

14.1 tft screen
Celeron 2.0 ghz
30 gig hd
256 mb memory
24x cd-rw
10/100 Network card
56k modem

Options I chose were: $49 wi fi network card

Options the dell rep threw in: ( I was not aware of this before I called - I wanted to speak to someone before I dropped the cash)

16 mb usb memory key - apparently the new generation of laptops do not come with a floppy, so this is an easy way to get small files from pt a to pt b.

Free dell carrying case

He also honored the free shipping promotion that was over yesterday - I told him that I saw it on the website, but was torn between the two models, and wanted to speak to someone before making a final choice.

He was very polite and was immediately like no problem, I can throw the shipping in for you.

So far I have to say I am very impressed with dell. The rep spent 45 mins on the phone with me explaining the different machines and their particular configurations, and actually directed me towards the cheaper one, saying for my purposes it would be a better fit - the battery lasts longer, and its a bit lighter, and performance difference between the two was a non issue for my circumstances.

He also went the extra mile by honoring the free shipping, as well as adding those accessories.

Final Price - with free shipping - 848 to my door.

I should have my new computer by April 4th. - Apparently, they do not stock computers, but rather stock the shell which is then outfitted with whatever options the particular customer requests, and then shipped.

If anyone wants to order a dell - I highly suggest you call in person and speak to someone, you may be pleasantly suprised.

Take care,

George Androulakis

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