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I just recently replaced the driver's door motor on my '85 300SD so maybe I can be of some help.

With mine, I followed the CD instructions but got stuck when I went to disconnect one of the bolts that it said should be wasn't. The bolt, or lack thereof, was not removeable.

I ended up having to LEAVE the whole regulator assy. inside the door and unbolt the motor blindly (using my fingers to feel the bolt heads) using a wrench....the bolt heads are on the side NOT facing you.....hence why you'd normally take the whole regulator/motor assy. out.

When you say it's not moving, do you mean it's not moving at all or that it's still connected to the door somehow and not coming out?

Another thing that happened with me....when I went to install the new motor, it had spade lugs where the power wires were suppose to connect...this is fine except the orginal motor had power wires hermetically connected to the motor assembly. So, I had to cut the wires from the original motor and put spade connectors on the ends to connect to the new motor....not a big deal but be prepared.

'85 300SD

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