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sad 260e
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Red face '87 260e (w124) broken rear power window, need help

I wonder if anyone can help me with this.

The drivers rear window on my 260e wont go all the way up anymore. Its sluggish part way up, and then it seems to hit a wall 2inches from the top. I removed the doorpanel to see if I could find some sort of obstruction, but i don'tnow whats its supposwed to look like.

I attached some immages, it would be great if someone would comment on them. Annotate my pictures and show me what its supposed to look like, that would be great. Or, if someone could give me a diogram of the parts and how they fit together, better.

I'm stumped on this one. At this point im bleading (yea those panals are sharp), my neck hurts, im frustrated...

I'm also,
sad 260e

Thanks in advance
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Rear power window 87 260e (w124)-5_img.jpg  

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