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Yes, the Pathfinder exhaust manifold was leaking. The Pathfinder is a peculiar story. I took it to Nissan because it was running really bad.. like the timing was way off.. no power at all. It was under an extended warranty. They fixed the harmonic balancer key. Then 8 months later it is doing the same thing again, but my warranty is over (eneded a month before I took it in). they tell me it is the same thing, only the the crank is damaged and I need a new motor now. They tried to tell me that it was a temporary fix that they did 8 months ago. I ask why I wasn't told that when they initially fixed it.. could I ask the mechanic myself? "oh no, he was let go" was my answer. Long story short, they would not fix the issue. So I did it myself and am now in small claims court with them. Turns out they did not file the extended warrantu I payed for until almost a year after I bought the truck.. which explains why they did not fix it under warranty when I initially took it in. I have nothing good to say about that dealer. I love the Pathfinder though.
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