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Unhappy Replied to your e-mail earlier this week...

But AOL didn't recognize the let me post my answer here.

First things first...

To remove the door panel, first remove the plastic cover from the top of the door handle to remove the 10mm bolt.

The rest of the door panel is held on place by various plastic u-shaped clips as well as ridge along the top of the door panel held by anodized metal clips where it meets the window. The entire panel can be removed by pulling the whole thing "up" (not "out" like GM cars). It is a snug fit if the panel has never been removed, so it takes a bit of grunt, but be patient. Use the armrest for leverage.

Obviously you have gotten past this point...

I have had to replace both of my assemblies, but what usually occurs is that there is a plastic clip that holds the window track onto the cable assembly. It has probably fallen apart, causing the cable to "bind". You probably notice that the window will travel all the way down (with accompanying noise), but no more than about halfway up.

That "clip" on your last pic is the one in's probably on its last legs...

You can purchase the clips (about $2-$3), but in both of my cases, the repeated attempts to raise/lower the window mangled the cable up badly. So I opted for a complete assembly in each case (about $140 apiece).

The window assembly has to be removed from the door shell for servicing or replacement in any case. The window has to be raised to the full up position by hand to remove the assembly (attached by 3 10mm nuts), then carefully lowered to rest inside the door shell. Take care working around the inside of the door shell, as the sheel metal edges are very sharp!

Depending on how familiar you are with this task, it could take anywhere from an hour to three hours...I'm a three hour guy as I take my time trying not to break stuff as I go along...good luck and let me know how it turns out!
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