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With so many messages lately that involve questions about the radiator fan clutch slipping, I'd like to know HOW to judge how much slippage is normal -- or, how much is too much.
My concern is that all of my cars (see list below) appear to have about the same amount of "slip" when hot or cold -- they don't seem different when fully warmed up.
To test them, I reach in and give the fan blade a fast, strong push, and the blade spins a bit -- usually, the blade tip can be moved about 1 to 2" before it abruptly stops. No matter how hard you try, they never spin more than that, but it's the same hot or cold. Admittedly, my W124's blades seem to most resistance to spinning (they only move about an inch), but none of them seem any "looser" when cold than when hot.
Thus, I wonder -- if they're supposed to have more slippage when cold (or less when hot), is that little bit of slip that I find when hot (identical to cold) too much? I can't imagine them being much tighter, unless (when hot) they're not supposed to be able to turn at all -- is that the case? Then, all my clutches would seem bad. I'd appreciate your advice.
In advance, thanks.
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