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Originally posted by JetForeman
As far as the tranny goes in my wifes car I change the fluid in it every 15k miles and then do the fluid and filter every 30k miles. Her car doesn't have a drain plug in the converter of which yours does so I tend to do more drains than most.
Your car has the 722.4 four speed transmission, which is very different from Bill's 722.6. The 722.6 has a proprietary MB synthetic fluid that requires less frequent service. MB goes as far as to say that you NEVER have to change it. Most techs agree that it might be prudent to change it, though. The "agreed" interval seems to be about 50-60K-miles. There seems to be no feeling that service intervals should be stepped up as the miles pile on.

That said, there are lots of owners of 1997- 722.6 cars that have never serviced the tranny, racked up serious miles, and never have a problem. There is some thinking that opening the tranny might actually shorten it's life, but I haven't heard that too often. The Zone Service Rep explained to me that one of the main reasons they deleted the dipstick was to keep "Jiffy Lube" morons from "topping up" your precious fully electronic transmission. Makes sense to me. He explained a side benefit being less owner-interference and less chance for contaminants to get inside.

Servicing the tranny every 15-30K miles is probably extreme overkill for the 722.6.

I am surprised at the extended interval for the cabin dust filter as mentioned by Dr. Diesel. I've been changing mine every A service, and the thing is dirty. It's a cheap filter, and easy to replace. I have heard from a few techs that changing the filter extends AC evaporator life. I also understand that a fresh engine air filter can not only extend long term engine life (less junk in the engine) but in the short term extends MAS life. The truth of that I don't know, but again, the filter is cheap and a snap to replace.

I have found my brakes to be lasting about 60-70,000 kilometers (45k-miles) on the front, and a little farther on the back. I just have them replace the fluid whenever pads are replaced and bleed it then. If I'm driving the car less miles, then I stick to the time interval for brake fluid replacement, and have the brakes bled then.

Can you get the warranty history for the car? Most W202's have the final drive seals go out sometime on the first few years of their life. Your car may have fresh final drive oil on board, or it may not. Though it's not listed anywere in the service manual, most folks I know change it every 50-60K-miles.

As to oil/filter intervals, there is MUCH debate about this. I change mine every time the FSS counts down 5000kms (3K-miles). Since I spend some time on the highway,t he FSS usually counts down slower than actual mileage. I end up changing the oil every 7000km's or so (4500 miles) and it seems to be working. The engine (M111 aspro) uses NO oil, and still runs like new) The oil comes out slightly discoloured. I use Mobil 1, as all FSS cars should do.

Since my FSS starts at 15,000km countdown, I change the oil twice between services. Since I do most of my own service work, it's not a great expense.
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