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Well I reckon the people who used to be on BW are more likely to be able to give you definitive answers - try sending a PM to nutz4benz (moderator on the W123 forum) - but the problem is that since BW had the security panic everyone seems to have forgotten their passwords and can't be bothered with the place any more!

Anyway - what I can do for you is to direct you to the startek site to see if you can get specific details of the parts you need. All of the answers you need are there!

In the old days US residents would have been able to get access to EPC - now you have to pay. It might be worth your time paying for this as it could in the long run help cut down on the chase. Otherwise - like the rest of us (Europeans) - you're stuck with MB Atlanta and their stripped down EPC.


The servo unit sounds like it might be the brake booster - particularly at that price.


I reckon you are best off starting at the front of the engine with the fan and the distributor and alternator etc and see how far you get.

Take note of specific parts that obviously need to be connected to something else. Take pictures - enhance with arrows - post them up and I might be able to say what's what but there were a few variations on the theme that make it difficult to say exactly what's gone and what's not.


My best advice is - don't be daunted by it - take a methodical logical approach to the problem and work from one end of the engine to another tagging and flagging unknown connections as you go.
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