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Question Question about using air flow sensor plate for base line testing

Searching through the archives, I saw where it was recommended to use the airflow sensor plate as sort of a basline for fuel system trouble-shooting.

In one thread, Steve Brotherton recommended to a fellow in Russia that he start the car, then depress the air flow sensor plate. If the idle improved a lean condition existed; if it got worse, the system was overly rich. The auto in that post was a pre-1980 model. It's my understanding that 1980 was the last year that one could "tinker" with adjustment screws.

My MB(described in my signature) is "non-adjustable". Yes you can turn the 3mm allen screw, but in another thread, Steve Brotherton cautions against this - lambda will adjust back unless you've really screwed it up.

I have no intentions of turning screws and my MB is running fine. I'm just trying to educate myself.

Would this airflow plate depressing test also apply to post '80 and KE-5 cars as well?

Thanks for your time.
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