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W213 300TD crank no start!

Hey guys, been doing a little reading on diesel giant and been running some tests on my girl's 300TD.

Car's been sitting awhile, and we've been trying to get it started. New battery! 166k, we tried loosening the injector lines while we cranked it. It didnt exactly gush out but some fuel did come out. The fuse on the relay is good.

Next we tested the voltage at each plug. Got 10.5 volts on each one. Although after like 20 seconds i heard an audible click at the relay thing and then all voltage was lost.

I tested power going to the relay thing itself, i got 11.1 volts, then after 20 seconds it clicked and it jumped to 12.4 volts. Not sure if thats normal?

Any ideas on what could be the issue? Thanks in advance and hope you all had a good labor day in the states!
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