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Thanks DeliveryValve, I poked around on the other behr housing some last night and found that the bottom side of that aluminum used to have weatherstrip, and the top side had a tiny bit of residue from what I think was butyl sealant. I ended up using a bit of the foam tape I used on the air flaps to replace the weatherstrip on the Seimens box, and some butyl strip caulking on the top side, both based on the evidence provided by oxidation on the aluminum to figure out where I think it belongs. I'll attach a couple pictures. Since you mentioned that there were two lines, I'll add a second strip tonight.

Funola, here's the pictures you asked for of the Behr evaporator with measurements. It didn't come out as well as I'd have liked since I was trying to hold one tape measure and take a picture with the other hand. Let me know if it helps, or if not I can try to get a few more. The dirtiest area on the old evaporator was towards the back - since that's where the air is pushed from. Primarily the top left corner of the pictures. One thing I've noticed is that there's actually a secondary drain you might be able to use. With the housing installed in the car, look for a rubber tube that exists through the firewall at the same large grommet as the high/low side lines. You might be able to get to it under the dash, or you definitely can see it if you pull the battery tray. My advise would be to try to access that area and feed a whole bunch of water and the cleaner of your choice through that drain, as it leads directly to the dirtiest part of the evaporator. You might have better luck flushing the dirt out that way.
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