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What is a sports car?

I would call a BMW M3 a sports car. It's not exactly a 1965 Mustang or a 1958 T Bird, after all.

Many years ago, (in the late 50's) a friend and I bought a wrecked MG TD and rebuilt it. The following summer we bought a 1950 Jaguar XK 120 from the same semi-alcoholic veteran farmer with an English wife and restored that. We sold the MG for $1200, realizing a profit of nearly $500. The Jag went for $1950, and an $800 profit (which was our labor). I am afraid that both went out with shiny new paint from Ol' Earl Scheib (both British Racing Green). Minimum wage at the time was around 70 cents an hour, so we thought we had really outwitted the system. Many, many test drives were required.

Although both of these cars certainly handled better than my 1949 Studebaker Champion or my buddy's Henry J, neither seemed capable of holding the road so well or stopping so quickly as my 1985 TDT wagon, which certrtainly is not a sports car in anyone's book.

So I guess the bar has been raised over the years.

It would be nice to have the MG or the Jag around. They sure were cool looking vehicles, ever so much cooler than a 1950 Ford Tudor, even with blue taillight gems and double spotlights.

Many years later I learned that in 1950 the XK120 did not come in British Racing Green, unless one had a really good friend in the factory, I suppose..
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