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The device behind battery is the altitude correction capsule.
But there should be four wires, pin #2 should have two wires.
Pin #1 goes to ECU plug terminal #14(blu/red)
Pin # 2 goes to air flow position indicator pin #3(blu/gn)
2 goest to ECU terminal #18(blu/gn)
Pin# 3 goes to air flow positon indicator pin # 1(brw/wht)
With the ignition on, or with the engine running the capsule
will receive a constant voltage approx 5V from the ECU .
If ECU operates in a fix mode, correction for altitude will not
take place. Measurments are made between term #1 & #3.
and they shoul be as follows;
0 m above sea level, baromatric pressure 1013 mbar, 4V+/-1V
1000m, bar pressure 899mbar, 3V+/-1V
2000m, bar pressure 795mbar, 2V+/-1V
What year is your 190 and what engine does it have?
Wher are you trying to measure the voltage at?
Give me more info!.

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