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Circuits circuts circuits....

Thanx a lot for the advice, so far, I have done most of those things, but I'm not sure to what valve you are referring to sflori, to control the air/fuel mixture I only know of the EHA, and idle control valve, one takes care of it at idle, the other while driving, if there is another one I'd love to know where I can find it, I'm sure it needs a good cleaning, temperature sensors might have something to do with it I completely agree, I will look into replacing mine soon, the parts list goes on he he he

Actually, I noticed that this started happening after I cleand the idle control valve, it's almost like it needs the second try to catch on propperly because it's reaction is delayed by something, go figure...

come summer time I'll be taking the entire car apart, maybe I'll find what's causing this.

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