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The 104 engine is kind of notorious for making a mess when changing oil from the bottom when it's in a 210 chassis.
It's not just that front pan (the bumper apron is what we call that front panel) that creates the mess. You'll notice there is acttually a support at the rear edge of the plastic piece, it's the radiator support, so simply removing the front apron won't make the oil change any easier.
Before we got the topsider, I would cut up an empty anti-freeze jug to use as sort of a funnel to keep the oil out of the front apron area. Experiment around a liittle bit until you find a shape you're happy with. Several types of plastic container would work, such as washer solvent or empty clothes detergent jugs or an empty milk jug. A 2 ltr soda bottle may work if you are creative.

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