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DVM is digital voltmeter. MAJOR PROBLEM SOLVED!! minor ones remain. THANKS for EVERYONES HELP! voltage at pin 2 of idle speed control was much lower than battery voltage and increased with heat due to a cold solder joint inside the ovp relay. i removed the cover, found the bad connection re-soldered and re-sealed and idle is working GREAT! x-11 pin 3 duty cycle cold is about 18 percent, as it warms up some sensor kicks in and it goes to 48/52 percent then later something else happens and it rises slowly and stops at 80 percent and stays there. if i open throttle to about 2000 rpms and back it drops back to 48/52 then goes back up to 80 percent. oxygen sensor voltage from gound to black wire is constant at .220v. after engine is warm. is this a problem or should i just quit complaining and drive the car?
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