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420 engine smokes

After reinstalling my valve covers with new gaskets, they leak and the oil is burning on the manifolds obviously making it smoke. It seems like it is coming from the back of the valve covers, towards the rear of the engine. I have looked, and I cannot visibly see it seeping out. It does not leak at idle, only at higher RPMs when more oil is thrown to the top end I imagine. The torque is 3 NM, but my torque wrench only goes down to 5 NM, so what I did is torqued it to 5 NM and then I backed off a little bit. So is this leaking normal the first time you start it up with new gaskets, do they need to "break in"? Or do I need to fix something here?

I am assuming that the valve cover gaskets are the problem, since it makes sense....I hope it's not something else bigger!
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