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Back from the track for the (as it turns out) last meet at the Wilmington, Ohio track - we've lost the runway to progress, dern it.

I have a couple of Gopro vids but they're still in the camera so I'll get 'em posted ASAP.

No 130 at Ohio. I did, however, run a 129.60xx so I was close. That was on Friday and we had a 15+ headwind for the rest of the weekend so nobody went as fast as usual. I ran some 125, 126, 127 ish runs into the wind. I then did a class change to E/DT ("E" is the next bigger engine class and we're allowed to run up in engine class) and I ran a 128+ to reset that record. I have to apologize to Steve M (Salty Frog Racing) for taking one of his records. If he'd been there I'd have asked him but it was the last chance to post records in Ohio so I kinda had to go for it. Sorry Steve.........

I don't know if I have the fastest OM617 in North America or not - what do y'all think?

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