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That sounds like the stuff - about half way between axle grease and sun warmed chewing gum. Sort of yellow-beige color. It is mostly found sandwiched between the fiberboard backing and the carpeting glued to the front of the fiberboard, and seeping through the carpet in 3 spots, and all along the bottom of the carpet section where it meets the floor board. It flowed over some cable ties and electric wires on the firewall that were below where a flap of the carpet was glued to the firewall behind the plastic foot shield. It is also pooled along the bottom edge of the trans tunnel where that tunnel carpet meets the floor carpeting. It is still tacky, and has actually flowed into the snap grommet where the carpet attaches to the floor by the seat, and under the rubber floor insulation pad in places.

I didn't see any on the utility side of the fiberboard, just the carpet side. The upholstery shop said it was old adhesive. That sort of make sense, because I don't see it up under the dash anywhere, just up where the carpet side piece was attached to the firewall and along the joint where the bottom of the carpet panel meets the floor carpeting. I will take some pics with the digital and post them tomorrow. Thanks for the info!

Now If I can just find out why just that one section of carpet - the drivers side is fine! Thanks for everyones help on this.

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