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Help me identify these plugs!

Upon conversion for my car to be shipped to the US, the conversion company messed up a few things. I am trying to reverse everything they did to my car. I found two electrical plugs that have been electrical taped. They are two prong female clip plugs, like the one on your washer fluid tank level indicator. They look to belong together because they are the same length and are taped together. They run just to the right of the radiator expansion tank along the wiring bundle for the headlight wires. They run right on top of that bundle. They stop about about halfway between the bottom of the tank and the front of the car...about to the bottom of the fender. I can't imagine what they are for right there...all things that need to work, work! If these were vestigal plugs from the factory, first I doubt MB would have even put them there and second I'm certain that they would not have slapped electrical tape on them!! The only non-USA equipment, or any equipment for that matter, in that area is the preheater, but it has everything plugged in and works to the best of my recollection.

Anyone want to take a crack at this? I know it sounds like a needle in a haystack, but I really want to find out what these plugs go to. If no one has an answer, any ideas where I might be able to find one?? Are wiring schematics available for the entire car? If they are, I bet they're a treat to "decode"! Alright, well hopefully someone can help me here....thanks in advance.
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