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Removing the cluster is easy so long as you don't follow any of the instructions that tell you to remove the steering wheel first.
1. If you have small hands, remove the kick panel, lower dash cover, lower climate control duct pipe and work your small hand behind the console and unscrew the speedometer and pull away from console (big nut, about 1.5" in diameter, in the very center of the console).
2. If you have big hands or don't want to take this all apart, disconnect the speedo at the transmission linkage below the mid-point of the car. Having trouble finding it? Follow the speedometer cable from its grommet in the firewall and note where it is visible linking into the tranny.
3. After speedo is disconnected, get 2 coat hangers (or one, cut in half); make a straight tool about 6 inches long with a one inch L bend at the end. Make another tool. Using both tools, insert between the console and the dash on either side. Push to the back of the console and turn the L's inward to grab. The console is held in by friction only. (I never use the tools, I just grip the sides of the console and use friction to edge it out.)
Start checking the various connections on the back, noting where they plug in and how. Make a diagram, if you need to.
Replacement is reverse of removal.

Oh, by the way, for heaven's sake...check all fuses in the fusebox, first.

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