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Here is what Alldatadiy says about it (for my S320 with an M104). I assume that these procedures originate from Manfuacturer recommendations.

Changing Oil
  • Warm engine up to operating temperature.
  • On Model 140, remove air cleaner.
  • Unscrew screw cover (2) with wrench socket insert (05) 103 589 02 09 00, or equivalent, so that engine oil in oil filter flows off into pan.
  • Remove screw cover (2) and oil filter element (4).
  • Extract engine oil through dipstick guide tube (5a) when engine at operating temperature.
  • Drain engine oil out of pan if no extraction device available.
  • Remove bottom engine compartment panel for this operation.
  • Unscrew oil drain plug (arrow).
  • Replace seal on oil drain plug (arrow).
  • Screw on oil drain plug (arrow) and tighten to 25 Nm .
  • Replace seal (3) in screw cover (2).
  • Insert new oil filter element (4) into oil filter.
  • Install screw cover (2) and tighten to 25 Nm .
  • Open cap (19) and pour in 7.0 liters of engine oil.
  • Run engine and check for leaks
  • Check oil level at dipstick (5) approximately 2 minutes after switching off warm engine.

1995 S320
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