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My 1895 TD has split rear seats, headrests on them and factory third seat. The passenger mirror is electric. The roof rack has the fittings folr bars, but the bars are missing. I have seen them on ebay for $185 a set, so someone has them. I'd rather put the money into other aspects of restoration so I use a Thule rack mounted on the side rails. It came off my diesel Volvo wagon and seems right at home. The Thule system is extremely versatile - use it for bikes, skis or cargol. The flat Thule bars are easier to attach cargo to than the roun M/B bars, although the vehicle looks much better with the factory bars. Too easy to steal, though.
My wagon has the MB/Tex seats, which outwears the leather by years and is much easier to match in a scrap yard.
The rear washer and wiper don't work, and I have been unable to getg them to work, despite an active 12 vollt circuit at the connectors and a good ground. Took a rear wiper motor apart and found it a maze of contacts, gears, eccentric arm etc. Wouldn't even know how to fix it; easier to replace the whole thing.
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