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Stock plugs (those initially installed and recommended/listed) for replacement are not resistor plugs, the resistance required for radio noise suppression and coil life is in the wires and boots.

Bosch makes all kinds of plugs...... just make sure you don't have too much resistance in teh secondary circuit or you will have idle problems and high rpm/high load misfire because the spark won't make it across the gap.

The advantage of platinum electrodes, thin film, thin wire, or the large wire/side electrode ones is that the platinum ionizes the air much better, so the spark forms better. It also does not plate off (evaporate), so there is no electrode erosion. Size of electrode is more or less irelevant, the spark size and temperature is determined by the ionization path and wattage. A hotter, "smaller" spark will ignite the air fuel mixture better than a fat, cold spark every time.

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