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I hope it was... but I am very weary about that. You are correct about its function, but if it fails(or is removed from my car) my car will not run.

The good part is..., I drove it for about 2.5hrs last night with all of the peripherals turned on and the car did not stall or idle low as it would before.

The car as put me down many times recently with the same scenerio... radio cuts in\out, lights get dim, ABS & SRS light come on and the car dies shortly after. Even with the new ALT(& voltage reg), drive belt, and battery (700 CCA).

Once, I have just gotten of the highway(driving for about 1hr) and as soon as I applied the brakes to stop @ the light, the ABS & SRS lights illuminated and the car stalled.

Right now, I am simply watching the chain of events and hoping that the problem is resolved. I am continuing to drive the car, I don't have to, but I need to resolve this issue.

Thanks, Ray
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