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1. Warm or cold (worse warm) I have to crank for an extended period before the engine will start. The starter is cranking strong.

2. after starting the engine runs extremely rough and the car shakes almost violently.

3. 15-45 seconds after starting (as if you flipped a switch) the engine rpms rise to about 1,000 , the engine smooths out, the rpms drop to normal idle speed, and the engine smooths to a level that you must look at the tach to see if it is still running.

4. The exhaust does smell verry rich after starting.

Althoug I am not fimiliar with the MB cold start system, I suspect that either fuel reserved for cold starting is being injected during both warm and cool starts, or more likely (since the problem also occures cool) there is liquid fuel bleading down while the engine is off, creating an over rich environment during start up.

Any advise, direction, or comments would be greatly apreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Jon Campbell

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