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Airbag functional interchanges? 92 190E->???

I've seen a few references around to indicate that my '92 190E is compatible, from the electrical and mechanical standpoints with later model wheels/airbags, perhaps up to '98 or so.
Can anyone help me out a little more on what models I could interchange with? Can I go newer than 1998? What about a 2003 W208? 210? I'm currently barking up the W208 tree, but I'm looking for what options will work to get me a smaller wheel &(functional) airbag combo. Do I automatically need to stay away from some bodystyles or model year ranges because they won't fit on my steering shaft? Any updates to how the airbags work that my 190 won't play with?
Thanks for the input!
p.s.-anyone got a black wheel (and airbag?) for sale cheap?

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