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Exclamation HELP-Washed engine,NO power!

To any helpful soul out there - I am new to these mercedes diesels - I have just degreased & powerwashed the engine on my '83 300cd turbodiesel ...then I drove it home a few miles and it seemed to run just fine...I decided to check the aircleaner, it was pretty dirty and lots of oil residue in there, apparently from the valve cover breather hose. I decided to remove this hose as I had on my VW Jetta TDI(where I had replaced it with a simple breather element), since it seemed like an obvious way to quit sucking sludge into the turbo and intake manifold....I then drove the car and it has absolutely NO power and it shifts WAY too high in the RPM range. I am assisting it in shifting by releasing the throttle! I then replaced the breather hose, thinking that might be the problem...same NO power situation! HELP-did I screw up something by removing that hose, OR is it possible that I have broken a vacuum or electrical connection by powerwashing the engine, even though it drove well immediately after the wash? ANY ideas or suggestions as to where to start, as I have looked around quite extensively underhood and can find nothing broken...maybe an electrical part is wet? Thanks for any input! ,Loren
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