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Front differential reseal?

Subject vehicle is a 2008 ML-320 CDI with 70,000 miles.

This vehicle has experienced the infamous Exxon Valdez oil cooler leak, followed by a high pressure fuel pump leak, followed by a rerun of the oil cooler leak, followed by the intake tube oil leak. No more leaks at present, but I have learned that I need to watch it closely.

Dealer says that the front differential mounts are cracking and need to be replaced due to all the oil. OK, I can believe that. They also claim that the differential is "seeping" and they want to reseal it. Well, I don't think I ever saw a differential that didn't seep at least a little bit. Furthermore, everything I have heard in the past tells me that resealing an MB differential does not have a high success rate due to the tolerances involved.

Estimated cost for this job is about $1600, of which $1300 is labor and $300 for parts. Question is, should I just have them replace the mounts, or should we go ahead with the reseal, knowing that there may be a chance of failure and even a possibility of making it worse?
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