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Originally posted by gillybenztech
The rep you talked to at MBUSA is dead WRONG about this.
As a matter of fact, I can't talk knowledgeably about all the countries MB sells vehicles in, but I do know that there is NO Maintenance Commitment Plan in Canada (MB Canada).
We had one customer who lives here in the US, but bought an ML that was originally sold in Canada, and we could NOT do any free services to the truck, even though we could do normal warranty repairs on it, because the Maintenance Commitment Plan wasn't part of the deal in Canada.

Interesting Gilly. Remember when I started this thread I was asking for suggestions on what xtras to ask during the "B" service on my E Class. The service was done mid January at 24,490 miles with 1000 left on the FSS schedule. The car will be two years (based on ownership) in September 2003. I hadn't looked at the work order until earlier today. Turns out that the brake fluid flush was done as part of the "B" service. You were absolutely correct. What was surprising is that they did the coolant service and replaced the air and fuel filters also. The biggest surprise of all is that they replaced the spark plugs also. I thought that was mighty generous - unless they found codes that directed them to do so.

But to your point, the brake flush and cooland service ar part of the MB commitment and are free (US only) as long as they are performed as part of either the "A or "B" service.
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