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In my mind diesels and gassers are no different here - yeah, cranking will probably build up good oil pressure, (will it ? on such an old motor? who knows...)
...but either way, the oil is still cold, and large machinery customers go to great length to pre-heat oil and keep it at 180F +/- some - I see this and assume that the oil works better/lubricates/flows well to all the places it needs at operating temp. I just figure it better not to rev the carp out of an engine with cold oil (unless you have to...)

There is a great response to this argument that says "revving the engine will warm the oil quicker and reducer overall wear", I cant deny this, I dont know which is indeed worse. Most common is "dont let it warm up in your driveway, just start and drive away normally" - probably the best middle-ground

Also consider 1970's metallurgy/designs/production vs. today. I'm not sure.

I'll at least let a motor idle for at least a few seconds before driving off...

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