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Vehicle: 1988 300TE
Purchase date: August 1999 @ 107K miles.
Repairs: new tires, muffler, brakes.

Major repair: April 2000 @125K valve job for $2200 at local MB dealer. (The service manager did mentioned that I might need to spend more money if the pistons or cylinder walls are worn, but he said it was ok then)
And the repair has 12 months unlimited milage warranty.

Problem #1: Everything went ok since the valve job done. In mid-July, 2000, the low engine oil light is on again (it has been OK for 3 months and 2500 miles).

Question: what is wrong this time? I am afraid the dealer will charge me all the labors to re-do the pistons, etc. Is it possible they didn't do a good to fixed the worn valve guides?

Problem #2: I went to do my emission test this morning and I failed. The report says HC and CO value is much higher than allowed.
Is this related to my engine's burning oil?
I briught the car to the MB dealer and they said they need to spend at 2 hours to run thru computer to do diagnostics on the engine, exhaust, fuel system, injectors, etc... Will simply replace O2 sensor fix the problem?


Kevin C.
1988 300TE 127K

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