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Did my father fried my ecu,computer related parts?

To make the long story short, I have a good condtion 93' 190e without any starting problem or rought idle, Yesterday the battery died on the 190e so my father tried to jumpstart it using another vehicle but he made a big mistake he reverse the pole(pos to neg,neg to pos)I saw a sparked on the dead battery but he removed it immediatly when saw the sparked/smoked.

So he correct his mistake put it to postive to postive then neg to neg, The 190e started but it shakes so bad like an earthquake so we replaced it with new battery same thing the 190e is hard to start, When it starts it shake like hell for 10-20 until the engine gets warm.Did my father fried any computer related parts when made a mistake jump starting the car or i just need to replace the OVP
96' E320
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