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Thanks for your info, Bensmac.

Could you explain more since I am not familiar with the problems:

>> The oil consumption can be a result of diluted oil from a rich condition. This would explain the high HC and CO in failing the emission test.

Question 1: What do you mean "diluted oil" from a "rich" condition?

Providing more details about my car might help find the real problem:

Since the valve job done in mid-April, I changed oil twice myself (every 3000 miles, so I actually drive about 6000 miles, not 2500 miles I mentioned above, sorry).
I used Pennzoil 10W30 and Mobil 1 10W30 which I bought at Wal-mart for about $1.1/qt. I did put a MB oil filter on at the first oil change. But I couldn't get the oil filter off the 2nd oil change so I didn't change the oil filter (Will that cause the problem?). My driving are about 70% hiway, and I like to cruise at 80-100mph. Did I do something wrong?

I just went to MB dealer to have an oil change per the service manager's suggestion and he wants to see how soon the Low Engine Oil light will come back on.

BTW, does anybody know any knowledgeable independent MB mechanic in NW surburb of Chicago ??

I like my car, everything works finely (except sometimes (twice a month) stalling at stop light, will post this problem later) and fuel economy has been 20mpg constantly. I'd like to correct this oil consumption and emission test problem,

Thanks for reading!

Kevin C.
1988 300TE 127K
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