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Ok Guys,

Anyone remember my timing chain nightmare? Ok. New chain is on, cam and crank marks are good, even the distributor sprocket looks like it did not jump time. Everything is back together and turns and sounds quite nice, mechanically. I haven't started the engine, yet. Been busy with crazy stuff at the moment and haven't reconnected everything.
I know this car has a modified electronic ignition. So, since all the mechanical marks are on am I going to tune this baby's time, once I get her completely back together? Is this when I take her to the mechanic? I do have a timing light and can set her in time, if I can find the proper settings for where time needs to be. This car also does have a vacuum advance, no? I thought the ignition system on this car is a hybrid. Maybe I am out in left field. Can someone give me the basics on the M102.

God, I have too many damned things to do.

John J. Meadows
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