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Brakes and rotors

Thank you both for answering me. I really appreciate the input. Yes I did ask for the rotors when I picked up the car, so I do have them. He mentioned to me what milimeter they were worn at and that it was more than what they deem acceptable.
But heres the twist. I have owned MANY cars over the last 25 years, and I have never had this occur. My last car was a 93 Volvo wagon, which I had the rotors replaced at 76,000 miles (I was the original owner). So my personal driving style is not the issue. The fact that I am driving a sedan and do not, and never have taken it "off road" would not account for the occurance of more than normal driving conditions in terms of debris collecting between the rotor and brake pad. I have found the E320 to be a very glitchy car and have had many repairs done to it in the 2 years I have owned it. So another defect in the car is totally predictable to me.
I honestly feel that there is a defect here somewhere and my lack of knowledge in terms of mechanics is how they have gotten away with charging me for this repair. I have to assume that the rotors that went bad on my sisters Jeep are the same ones used in my Benz, which would make total sense. Now why would Chrysler admit it and fix it with no problem, and yet Benz won't.
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