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I see some one picked up my idea !
About two years ago I was trying to do the same thing.
Made up my own white gauges with a Lorinser logo.
They came out really good and I figured I'll make them for others
at the price of $30-40 . I was only able to sell 4 or 5 sets and installed one ( the guy lived close and didn't want to bother with installation).
This guy is probably your cheapest way of geting those ! If he makes them the way I did than they probably look good too. Aftermarket companys make them more crude and way too expencive ($150 and up ! ).
If you can install white faces yourself ( I had instructions somewhere..) than you could probably make your own as well.
You have to have a good sacnner, printer and some photoshop skills.
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White gouges (made my own)
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