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Most dealerships will just replace the rotors along with the pads as a matter of course. MB does not recommend resurfacing the rotors, besides, it only costs them about $50 more to replace the two rotors as compared to resurfacing them. That being said, they hit you with that $90+ /hr rate which, along with list price for the parts jacks up the cost quite a bit. Many on this forum perform this service themselves for that reason - at worst have a local independent MB specialist do it. If you do have an indie do the job, you may want to show him a printout of fastlane's prices for the parts and have them supply you with their parts at competitive rates. The reason for this last is that most shops will not warranty work if the customer supplies parts and some won't perform the service at all. Either way this will save you money next time.

BTW, you may want to measure the thickness of the old rotors if you want to bust their chops. I doubt that it's worn down that much. If you plan on having your car serviced there in the future I would just chalk it up to experience and consult this forum first next time!
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